The dog days of summer are upon us! A combination of post-covid protocol and some beautiful weather has everyone asking us the same thing: I want to have a seafood boil. What should I use and how much do I need?

A seafood boil doesn’t have to be a lot of work and it can be fairly reasonable in price when the cost is shared amongst your group. We’ve put together a shopping list for you including prices, based upon 10 people. You can add or takeaway as you choose. If you want to really go all out we’ve added a few special options too.

P.S. Unfortunately you have to buy your own corn and sausage….

*A few tips for a successful boil:

-Layer ingredients into the pot so that everything is done cooking at once: First add the potatoes and sausage, then the shrimp, then the corn and then delicate things like shellfish. Examples of cooking times:

  • Lobster: 8-12 minutes
  • Clams: 5-10 minutes
  • Crab: 6-8 minutes for pre-cooked crab, 20 minutes for raw crab
  • Shrimp: 2-3 minutes

-Set your table to complement the casual seafood boil vibe. Just spread lots of newspaper on the backyard picnic table (no dishes!) & have plenty of ice-cold beverages.

Click on the link below to open the pdf

PFF Seafood Boil



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